Tuesday, 6 February 2018

CNTK Faster R-CNN performance comparison on different GPU types

Lately we compared performance of the Faster R-CNN algorithm on different GPU types available with Azure N-series virtual machines. We wanted to check which GPU is best suitable for object recognition training.

We used following parameters:

Here are results for 4 chosen VM types:

VM typeGPU typePrice per month*Duration in minutesCost per training
NC6Tesla K80725,40 €600,98 €
NV6Tesla M60915,86 €631,30 €
ND6Tesla P401 564,63 €311,08 €
NC6v2Tesla P1001 564,63 €250,89 €
* price valid at the moment of publishing this post

As you can see we have a clear winner: the Tesla P100. With this GPU the training was not only the quickest but also the cheapest!

Tesla P100 received the highest score in our test, but using it for training may also have some drawbacks:

  • At the moment of writing this post NC6 V2 vm size is only available in regions East US & West US 2
  • Although the cost per trainng is cheaper, the per month cost is higher comparing to a regular NC6 VM. If you keep running the VM in between trainings the overall cost will be higher.