Monday, 12 March 2007

First negative impressions

Linux sucks! ;) Ok, maybe not really, but...

I spent some time on customising my Ubuntu but there are still many things I had in Windows working which I miss in Linux a lot:
  • Open Pandora - there is no Open Pandora player for Linux. I did not find any alternatives as well.
  • Mic in webcam - my Ubuntu can't handle the mic build in USB webcam (Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000). It is probably easy to set up but I'm pretty lazy :P
  • Azureus - actually Azureus is a Java torrent client, so it should be portable. But I just can't get it working correctly on Ubuntu. I use poor kTorrent instead.
  • Flash in Opera - I'm facing the same problem I experienced using Opera 8.x on Windows: Flash player doesn't work right in Opera. Banners and adds don't close when I click "X", application menus don't work etc.. It can be really annoying! I hope next versions will have this bug fixed.
I hope this list won't get much longer.

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