Thursday, 29 January 2009

Free Java training courses

At you can find 6 free 90-days trial courses on follwiong topics:

  1. GlassFish Application Server: Introduction (WMT-SAS-1536)

  2. Designing Java Web Services (WJ-4112-EE5)

  3. Adding Quality of Service and .NET Interoperability to Web Services (WMT-SAS-1543)

  4. Creating Reliable and Secure Interoperable Web Services (WMT-SAS-2544)

  5. Creating Transactional Web Services (WMT-SAS-2545)

  6. Working With the Web Services Policy (WMT-SAS-2546)

Sounds interesting to me - you better check that out before the promotion ends!

1 comment:

Joy Lynford said...

Thanks for the links provided. these were very useful with simple way of learning.