Sunday, 30 January 2011

JQueryUI tabs covering custom menu

On one of the websites I've been recently working on I have a custom expandable menu using javascript. On the same page I use JQueryUI tabs. The menu is placed directly over the tabs container and its items are implemented as list elements (<LI> tags) styled appropriately. The problem was that when menu was expanded some menu items were covered by the tabs so it looked like that:

Menu items covered by JQueryUI tabs
Defining high z-index value for the elements that were covered by the tabs i.e. for the list items didn't help. While searching for correct solution I saw multiple complains about very similar behavior so I decided to post my solution.

If you encounter a similar problem the solution is quite simple - set the high z-index value not for the menu items but for their parent container! In my case it was the entire Custom Menu div. If it doesn't work with the direct parent work you way up in HTML DOM to find the right one.

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Paul said...

Brilliant. A stroke of genius. Many thanks.