Thursday, 7 July 2011

CodeIgniter: Resetting form validation


In one of my php projects I'm using CodeIgniter and its Form Validation library. I have validation rules defined in a config file located at:


Sample rules definition for action "item/add" could look as follows:
$config = array(
'item/add' => array(
'field' => 'name',
'label' => 'lang:name',
'rules' => 'trim|xss_clean|required|max_length[50]'
'field' => 'type',
'label' => 'lang:type',
'rules' => 'trim|xss_clean|required|callback_type_check'
As you can see I'm using both built-int and custom rules (callback_type_check).

This works fine with my 'Add Item' form.

However, I wanted to reuse the validation logic at other place, where the user can provide multiple items to add at once in a file where each row represents a single item. So I read line by line from the file and want to validate each line. To do that I reset values in $_POST array and perform validation:
$_POST["name"] = $nameReadFromFile;
$_POST["type"] = $typeReadFromFile;
if ($this->form_validation->run('item/add') == FALSE) {
// handle validation error for current item
The problem is that when validation fails for one item then the error is persisted and all following invocations will fail as well, even if items are valid.

So, I added a reset function to my controller that resets Form Validation library:
function _reset_validation()
// Store current rules
$rules = $this->form_validation->_config_rules;

// Create new validation object
$this->form_validation = new CI_Form_validation();

// Reset rules
$this->form_validation->_config_rules = $rules;
The function simply remembers the rules that were loaded from config file when validation object was created, creates a new validation object and resets the rules. I call it after each row is validated.

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Why do you keep the rules?