Monday, 18 October 2010

The report server has encountered a configuration error. (rsServerConfigurationError)

After installing Sql Server 2008 with Reporting Services on Windows XP I needed to do some initial configuration to make it work locally:
  1. Open Configuration Manager
    Go to: Microsoft Sql Server 2008 > Configuration Tools > Reporting Services Configuration Manager

  2. Configure Web Service Url
    I used the default values suggested by configuration manager. To do that simply choose 'Apply'. Result: Reporting Services Configuration Manager - Web Service Url

  3. Configure Report Manager Url
    Again, I used the default values:

    Reporting Services Configuration Manager - Report Manager Url

After doing that I tried to to access: http://localhost/Reports
In my case I got displayed the following error:
The report server has encountered a configuration error. (rsServerConfigurationError).
To get rid of this I needed to perform to 2 extra steps:
  1. Define database to use
    I created a new database for Reporting Services using the same configuration manager:

    Reporting Services Configuration Manager - Database
  2. Set folder security
    Now check which account is used by reporting services:

    Reporting Services Configuration Manager - Account...and grant access for that user to the Reporting Services installation folder. In my case it is:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services
After doing that I can access my Report Manager with no problems.


Venkataraman R said...

Thanks. It helped :-)

Greg said...

Thanks Filip! Always nice to find a quick concise answer to a weird error message. :)

Curtiss said...

nope. full control of that folder did not fix this error for me.